Between DJ performances, Mo Corleone stays busy in the studio with David Shakiban as their experimental downtempo+guitar project The Wonderlust evolves from the local stage to digital stores worldwide. The Wonderlust self-released a single "I Said Maybe" in February 2018. The Canadian instrumental electronic label Biblioteka Records picked up on the sound and released the Playground EP from The Wonderlust later that year. In 2019, the German label Plusquam Chillout re-released "I Said Maybe" to a wider audience. 

"I Said Maybe", the single from The Wonderlust, is in the spotlight at A&R Factory, highlighted on dance music blog AcidTed, featured in California-based style and culture blog The Cherie Bomb, and was the top indie electronic pick at EDM Hunters.

Mo also creates for a downtempo+violin project with a classically trained violinist named Beau Dream. Together, they are Corleone & Dream, and Biblioteka Records released their two-track offering "Better to Have Loved" in June 2018. The tastemakers at The Cherie Bomb were very supportive

Out now on Keep Playing Records -

Mo Corleone's "Collectivism".

Out now on Treehouse Tribe Records -

Mo Corleone's "Model Minority".

The Corleone & Dream remix of Gama's "Wolf" has been selected for worldwide release on Rough Stuff Records.